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Keybits - Own and control your online home.

Developer preview: Set up a personal server using our Ansible scripts and Docker images.

You want a place where you can host all your best work - things like a blog, email, your best photos and perhaps code you've written.

You want this to be simple, secure and easy to keep up to date.

Check out the step-by-step documentation to easily run your own personal server with open source web applications.


Your best work under one roof.

Managing what you put online is too complicated. Keybits wants it to be simple whilst helping you take back ownership of your data and web services.

By decentralising what you put online and using open source technologies you're supporting the open web and making it harder for governments to carry out mass surveillance.

Read this blog post for more about the project.



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Self host what is most important to you.

There's no limit to what you can host on your own server. Our initial work is focused on making it easy and secure to manage some core services:

Complete In progress Soon

  • Blog using Ghost
  • Website stats and Analytics using Piwik
  • Blog / CMS using WordPress
  • Landing page 'About Me'
  • Email
  • Contact and Calendar server
  • Photo Gallery and sharing
  • Code repository
  • More to come - see the Docs

We're using Docker and Ansible to make deploying and maintaining your server easy. Each personal server will run on its own VPS and should have its own domain name and SSL certificate. In the long term we plan to make the setup as simple as filling in a few forms and clicking a button, but in these early stages you'll need some computer knowledge to get things going. Have a look at the documentation for step-by-step guides to set up your server.

Decentralised hosting for everyone
Take back control - be happy :-)


Take back control of your stuff.

Apart from the warm fuzzy feeling you'll get from knowing that you're in control of what you put online, owning your own server can help you:

  • Choose what to share and what to keep private
  • Save money by consolidating services
  • An elegant focal point for your online presence
  • No need to worry about services closing down
  • Support the open web and data freedom

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Keybits is being developed by Tom Atkins in Ireland. If you'd like to help or ask some questions I'd be delighted to hear from you!

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